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Apple Cinnamon Margarita with Ripe Bar Juice

We're thrilled to be featuring this Apple Cinnamon Margarita posted on Instagram by Jon, cocktail connoisseur, (and mixer of fine elixars from Morales Martini Mansion).

This fun cocktail was created in honor of Cinco De Mayo, and, because CT weather isn't cooperating with summer temperatures, the apple cinnamon's harvest flavors are perfect for spring's cooler temperatures until the hot weather hits!

We also loved that this unique cocktail uses Ripe Bar Juice as one of its mixers. Ripe Bar Juice is a local company, right out of New Haven CT!

Photo Source: Instagram @Jon_m_in_CT

The Apple Cinnamon Margarita with Ripe Bar Juice

In a mixing glass combine:
2.5 oz. Jose Curevo Cinge Cinnamon Flavored Tequila
1.5 oz. Ripe Bar Juice - Agave Margarita
0.5 oz. Orange Curacao
1 oz. Simply Apple Juice
0.5 oz. Apple Cider
Shake well

Prepare a Cinnamon and Sugared Rim in a Margarita Glass
Pour gently from mixing glass into margarita glass so as not to disturb garnished rim

Garnish with a fresh apple slice and churros

Remember to always drink responsibly!

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