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Refreshing Watermelon Ginger Lemonade at Bar New Haven

Here's a great summer drink to enjoy with friends on a hot summer night!

Perfect with BAR's light appetizers and pizza, or simply on its own, it's the Watermelon Ginger Lemonade courtesy of Bar New Haven!

Photo Source: Bar New Haven Instagram 

Watermelon Ginger Lemonade

Muddled watermelon
1.5 ozs Titos vodka 
1 oz Giffards ginger liqueur
2 ozs soda water
2 ozs Ripe Lemon Sour
top with watermelon ale floated on top

Stir and garnish with a Watermelon Wedge and Orange Wheel

Sip and enjoy!

Bar New Haven

254 Crown Street
New Haven, CT 06511

203. 495.1111


Remember to always cocktail responsibly!

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