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Ginger Nogg with Virgil Kaine Bourbon for the Holidays

The Ginger Nogg - Perfect for Fall and Winter Holidays

Today we're bringing you a delicious holiday cocktail, the Ginger Nogg, courtesy of the great folks over at Virgil Kaine Low Country Whiskey.

If you're not familiar with Virgil Kaine Low Country Whiskey, they're a small batch brewing company out of Charleston, South Carolina. manufacturing great bourbon and rye whiskey since 1863.

Photo Source: Virgil Kaine Instagram @VirgilKaine

The Ginger Nogg

1 1/2 oz Virgil Kaine Ginger-Infused Bourbon
1/2 oz aged rum
3/4 oz cream
3/4 oz cardamom syrup
egg yolk

Dry shake all ingredients in a cocktail mixer well (20 seconds). Pack shaker full with ice and shake for an additional 20 seconds and strain. Garnish with nutmeg on top.

Remember to always cocktail responsibly.

Learn more about Virgil Kaine Low Country Whiskey at http://www.virgilkaine.com/

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